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We understand that painful conditions caused by accidents, arthritis, or disease can be very frustrating. Obtaining relief from these conditions with prescriptions and over-the-counter painkillers is also frustrating because of the potential effects on the body and possible side effects.

We chose to partner with MagnaWave for our treatments not only because of their reputation as pioneers, but also for proudly being family owned and operated in Louisville, Kentucky. MagnaWave has been working with PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields) equipment since 2002, they are simply the best-of-the-best in the industry, without a doubt.

We have seen great success over the years with treating people, horses, and pets, and can’t wait to share this therapy with you.

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MagnaWave has 111% changed my life! Every aspect! I have seen incredible improvements in each one of my animals as well as myself. I realized after a few treatments on myself, the way I walk has completely changed for the better! I am able to complete my daily tasks easier and I have more energy overall as well!

Lindsay Dunning

“Got an extra 2 years (of quality life) for my personal horse with melanomas with MagnaWave.”

Wendy Phillps

“I’ve had good luck MagnaWaving animals a day before barrel race. I MagnaWave the whole body. Most of the time it’s not to help a problem but to feel better in general and race their very best.”



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