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The Expert Authority Effect™ Publishing Method | Certified Elite Limited Edition Autographed Hardcover Experience Book Bundle (50 Bundles)


First Off this for the Certified Limited Edition Autographed Experience, NOT JUST THE BOOK.
The book alone will be available, where books are sold, on launch day.
Some of what you will receive:
• Certified Limited Edition Autographed Hardcover (B@d@$$ Physical Copy)
• Full Audiobook
• Online Downloadable Resources
• Certified Limited Edition Autographed Hardcover Book Experience
I honestly don’t want to say too much about this since it is supposed to be a surprise, there are however over 12+ additional components that this edition will include, again it is NOT the book only—however, even if it was would still be worth it.
• Special launch only pricing: the price you see is including a substantial launch discount. Once the launch is over it will be $100. I know when you experience this version of the book, you will say: “I would def have paid that” and “You should raise your prices” a select few already have.
• Goal = The launch only pricing is to help facilitate, helping more companies grow their business, I would rather you get multiple copies and gift them to someone you know would appreciate and implement the principles, they’re better off for it and thrive even more moving forward. This however does initially shrink our margins and won’t stay forever, but right now, enjoy and pay it forward 🙂